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got my FS-24TB today

17-08-2013, 19:24
yea im just stateing im very happy with the service i received from ovh yea 14 days a long waite but once the back log has gone it will be fast deployments again in the past ive had a server deployed from payment 20 mins now thats rockin good service and im sure we will see that service again soon
all the best guys
happy customer

17-08-2013, 18:19
I've never said it wasn't a good deal or absolute bargain and that other companies come close etc etc etc

Coupled with the network upgrades and unlimited bandwidth blah blah blah.....what are you going on about? I'm talking about complaining and your going off on an OVH fanboy "Proud Customer for over 5 years" rant.

Once the backlog of orders is cleared.........everyone already agrees but they won't agree that they were given good information they could base they're decisions on.

It all boils down to good business practice but it seems OVH don't care either way as they're still gonna make a boatload - it'd just be nice to see them invest in other areas of the company and not just hardware.

17-08-2013, 16:03
Quote Originally Posted by davey
i would never off complained i know a good deal when see one
Well said that man.

I am the same as well, the mSP I have on order is an absolute bargain! There are no other companies that can even touch OVH for price and performance in my opinion.

That coupled with the network upgrades and unlimited bandwidth now on servers make OVH a force to be reckoned with.

Once the backlog of orders is cleared, a lot of people that are complaining will agree I am sure.

Future looks very good for OVH.

17-08-2013, 15:03

17-08-2013, 14:21
i would never off complained i know a good deal when see one

17-08-2013, 13:59
Thanks for posting to let others know that stuff is progressing.

To say you never complained at any point just shows that you have more patience.......can I ask a what point would you have complained?

4 Weeks? 6 Weeks? 10 Weeks? Anytime?..........Just curious.

Being tolerant of a companies bad service and bad planning doesn't normally mean you get the product any quicker (slower if anything) and people such as myself who just can't seem to operate in the dark only need small amounts of information or an indication of when things will be delivered to make us a much happier person.

Just think.....if everyone was as patient as yourself OVH would think that they've treated their customers with respect and good business practice.

17-08-2013, 13:16
id just like to say a big thanks to OVH and all staff for the last 14 days ive seen people moan ***** moan again then even bigger moan ive waited 14 days for my FS-24TB and never complained at any point id like to say a big thanks to all ovh staff for doing a brilliant job Neil marks s0phie Oles thanks
and guys who are still waiteing be pacient servers will come sooner or later