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XenServer/IP help with KimSufi & MiniSP

20-08-2013, 11:05
Quote Originally Posted by andha
Also with Xen is migration now free? as i thought that was a feature of the paid version of Xen Server ? the High availability and such for live migrations?
Yes, with 6.2 you don't need a licence for that any more. Unfortunately you can't move between 6.1 and 6.2.

20-08-2013, 09:01
I use proxmox and for what I use it for I found it much he easier then ESXi and XenServer. Get the best of both worlds with proxmox, KVM and OpenVZ. What you want to do is possible with proxmox, you have need to think about how to do it. But it's certainly possible. Also if you need support there are quite a few people in this forum that use it, Myatu is a god when it comes to Proxmox!

20-08-2013, 03:17
with proxmox you can use a openvpn to make a Private network and link the nodes to make a network i then setup all my server as kvm's on the Private network

i then have a router with on a vm from a old KS that has ip's that gives Internet to the vm's i use nat port forward to forward web email etc from the ovh ip's to the vm's

the guide is from i changed some stuff a little

19-08-2013, 15:10
Also with Xen is migration now free? as i thought that was a feature of the paid version of Xen Server ? the High availability and such for live migrations?

19-08-2013, 15:09
I have switched to proxmox on my new miniSP (another miniSP on order to add to it, i also have 1 legacy KS 16g which can have 3 ips which i was going to add in or possibly get rid of, i have not decided yet)

I also have a new KS 16g which i am considering getting rid of aswell (originally got it as i didnt realise they had the IP limitation which is when i ordered 2 miniSP's)

Proxmox is definately nicer expecially if you can utilise openvs.

As i purely run different flavours of linux openvs is brilliant.

I have not looked into the natting.

I may look into setting one of my KS up as an iscsi target to assign some shared storage for backups on my proxmox config.

19-08-2013, 15:04
If you look into Proxmox, particularly the KVM virtualization given that's closer to what Xen does, you can use NAT directly on the host for the VM. A downside is that it adds more complexity, especially if you want to be able to move the VM between your miniSP and the KS 16G.

But as you've noted, there are many ways to go about it

19-08-2013, 14:56
You can't purchase IP's for kimsufi's,. that's the problem.

19-08-2013, 12:44
I called OVH and they reminded me of this holdup... I could use the KimSufi as a iSCSI target for XenServer ... maybe snapshot space. Who knows!

Okay I seem to have a clearer understanding.. also I could just purchase more IP's via the panel for the new miniSP server .. I don't mind starting off with one XenServer for now and expanding to further OVH servers with no IP limitation in the future!

19-08-2013, 12:28
That's the main issue with kimsufi. AFAIK XenServer needs one IP for it's management interface and at least one IP for VM's and you can NAT between VMs but not between the host and the vms.

Which is why I'm having to take the backwards step of going from virtualised to physical in the new kimsufis because of OVH's IP policy.

19-08-2013, 02:48
Hi all (first post!)

I currently have a KimSufi 16g and a MiniSP on order.

I'd like to know if it's possible to configure the servers in this way:

Setup XenServer on the MiniSP, setup CentOS 6 and move services from KimSufi 16g to that new VM. Once services have been moved, wipe KimSufi 16g and install XenServer and move the 1st VM back to it. I'd then like to create VM's in the pool and utilise the space of both servers.

My main concern is IP allocation. At the moment the servers have individual IP's - how would I elaborate on IP routing to the VM's? Where and how would I purchase and point IP's to each new VM?

It's all exciting, and I love that XenServer is now free (woohoo!) - I just need to work out logistics with OVH's services to make this work.

Cool - thanks! Hope someone can assist