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Can you really earn a living out of selling hosting space or dedicated servers?

19-08-2013, 22:40
If your work week is 32hours only, then yeah you can make a go of it.

You need capital, a good network of people (be it for site support, finding new customers, word of mouth on your new venture), the right know-how and not be just another random re-seller/webhost.

Having tried it, it takes time...and we didn't succeed. We didn't invest a lot, so nothing to cry about either

19-08-2013, 21:20
Easy one.

Is it just a bit of pocket money?

Can you actually make a living reselling servers, providing hosting space or similar?

Any comments greatly appreciated, can I pack in my 32hr week job and go freelance and do the above and survive?

What do resellers really make from providing servers for a month for instance? are we talking three figure sums or is it really possible to make four figures, that would surprise me tbh but would be a pleasant surprise.

Is it a sideline and just pocket money or a real business opportunity?

Many thanks and I understand if no one replies in fear of me nicking their customers