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automate update of named.conf and zones

21-08-2013, 11:05
I wasnt aware you hosted zones for domains not bought through yourselves!
ill look into that. Cheers Marks.

I have started working on a php control panel and have the creation of zones working corretly, im jsut working on the fiddling of named.conf

21-08-2013, 10:23
for the secondary DNS to get the DNS zones on the primary, that should be done through zone transfers, no need to create them manually.

For the DNS zone creation in the primary, I can offer you an alternative solution:

you could program the installation of zones on our DNS servers. We offer DNS zone hosting for free, even if the domain is not registered at OVH.

Obviously, if a DNS zone is created but not in use (dns servers for the domain are not at OVH), then after some time, you'll get a warning of deletion.

Just an input. About how to have a php web app to do so, like a Bind web control panel, I can't help you much.

20-08-2013, 20:31
Heya all,

Looking for some suggestions.

Im looking at automating the addition of zones into named.conf on both a master and slave nameserver.

I dont want to use any control panel and preferably via a web interface (locked down, obviously)

The end result i want is a php form as a template for the zone file, then to add that zone to named.conf and also the slave named.conf (but as "type slave") with as little human interaction as possible, especially not having to ssh into 2 servers.

anyone done anything like this before?