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E-mails sent end up in spam

23-08-2013, 14:04
Does your domain have an SPF record setup and does your MX records for your domain point to your third party email server?

Stick the IP you are sending mail from, so the mail server, in here:

23-08-2013, 13:49

Ordered me a VPS to host a website i'm building, along with a domain name from ovh, i got a MX plan also so i can have mail from my domain too, i've got it all set up and such, but when i'm sending e-mails, they seem to go into the spam folder of other e-mail accounts. I've looked on the help for this, and i'm assuming that it'd be under the EmailMXSpam option, but selecting this takes me back to the front help page, which doesn't help

I'm assuming it's because i'm not using any security type for the outgoing settings from the mail client i'm using, but i'm not sure if i need to set anything for this to stop this issue (i thought this would be set so that you would need to have the username/password of the mail account to actually send an e-mail, which i will enable once working fully if that's the case) Would changing the smtp server to be the actual OVH server rather than my domain work? I have only just set up the e-mail account so do i just need to wait until my domain name is authorised?? Is there anything i can do to get the domain authorised as being a proper e-mail server deely?

Little confused, i've always had the same issues when trying to run my own mailserver before, but i would have assumed that having hosted e-mails would stop this issue?

Any ideas or help would be appreciated