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OVH rubiks cube

29-08-2013, 13:53
its actually half done.....not 100% until all the lines are matched up...

29-08-2013, 13:50
And he's finally done it! Took a while

24-08-2013, 16:49
Also, you'll get someone at OVH tell you it's supposed to be blue, but then another person at OVH will tell you it's red, another will say "contact commercial support", then another person at OVH will just put them in the trash all together and not tell anyone.

23-08-2013, 19:35
More likely they order them in blank, realise the demand for them was way higher than they expected and they don't have enough coloured stickers. Order in the stickers, get them 3 weeks later and send out the cubes 1 month late.

23-08-2013, 18:56
I bet they arrive at their office uncompleted and the team sit there and complete them before sending them out.

23-08-2013, 16:28
Definately Not :-)

23-08-2013, 16:27
Dom here says that he's completed the OVH rubiks cube even though not all the lines line up properly. What do you say? Do we give him the victory or tell him to try again until he's done it properly?