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Migrating Servers

24-08-2013, 22:46
Quote Originally Posted by whoimi
Well the issue is why i needed my main ip is that we run shoutcast one one of
Tip: Use a sub-domain for it.. I did for my radio station and if we changed servers, just a A record needs to reflect the new IP. Sorted.

24-08-2013, 21:43
Ouch. Guess you'll have to keep on using the server, and forward traffic coming in on that IP to the new server, until you've updated your apps with the new IP.

I guess it's a bit of an 'in hindsight' situation, but was there a particular reason it hasn't been tied to a domain instead?

24-08-2013, 21:35
Well the issue is why i needed my main ip is that we run shoutcast one one of our servers and we have several Apps on app store and android and the code which is embedded to point to the stream is via the main ip address
thus if we change the ip it would mean i would need to upgrade every single app of ours

24-08-2013, 14:42
If your existing server allows Failover IP's (which if you have had it more than a couple of months of probably will):

1. Add a Failover IP to it.
2. Change all of your A Records to point to the new IP
3. Wait for Propagation
4. Order your New Server (mSP or better)
5. Setup your New server, just like your old one.
6. Change change the target for the Failover IP to the New Server.
7. Give the old server back.

If you wish, you can then change your A Records to point to the Primary server IP again, but this is a little pointless, as you can leave them on the "mobile" IP..


24-08-2013, 14:12
You cannot keep the primary IP, you can only keep the failover IP's. You can't keep the failover if you order a Kimsufi but if you order SP or higher you can do so.

24-08-2013, 14:04

I curently have a Server with you guys basically we need to upgrade to a better server

whats the likelyhood or how easy would it be to order a new server yet retain our current IP address

its very important we retain these ips addresses as we currently have

so we would cancel old server order new one yet retain the same ups

is this possible???