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GoogleMail & POP3/IMAP accounts

25-08-2013, 11:17
I admit, sometimes I'm not that good explaining things (except to my clients, have to be thorough then), where I just supply keywords thinking everyone is on my wavelength of thinking.

If it gives up after nn tries, that's good enough for me.

25-08-2013, 08:48
It may stop after 5 times....the only reason I say this is because I have an account in my gmail account which the password is wrong, and it doesn't check for email anymore. When I click on the log file for the account it shows 5 entries which are all 15 July.

15 July 2013 23:08 Authentication error.
15 July 2013 16:24 Authentication error.
15 July 2013 16:21 Authentication error.
15 July 2013 16:01 Authentication error.
15 July 2013 15:51 Authentication error.

This could just be that it only logs 5 entries....but going on the date, it must have stopped on 15th July. So it does stop at some point. Sorry I couldn't be more useful!

P.S Thanks for bringing this to my attention as it reminded me to go in and put the correct password in!!

25-08-2013, 00:33
I understood you...!

The problem is that they are expecting noob Q's. As previously mentioned, you could make it clear you are talking about GMail "collecting" by POP/IMAP from external accounts.

Does your mail server (software) create a log of POP requests? If so, you already have the answer you are looking for.

If it does not, and you have the time/spare-windows-server, setup MailEnable with an account for G to collect from, and test it. MailEnable is almost An*l with it's logs, so you would soon see.


24-08-2013, 16:19
He did ask if you were referring to Mail Fetcher (which is what you use for your Gmail retrieve e-mail from non-Gmail accounts via POP3), or if you were referring to an e-mail client (ie., Thunderbird, MS Outlook) trying to fetch Gmail via POP3.

That in turn is also different from people on non Gmail servers forwarding e-mail to a Gmail account, which you briefly touched on as well. That doesn't have to do with POP3/IMAP, but SMTP instead.

So... AFAIK, Mail Fetcher will complain the credentials are incorrect when it cannot login to the external POP3/IMAP account, and will not hammer the server indefinitely with the incorrect credentials.

Easiest way to be absolutely certain is to set yourself up with a Gmail account, add a Mail Fetcher with the correct credentials, and then change the credentials on the server (so Gmail now has the incorrect credentials)

24-08-2013, 16:05
Okay, you wasn't exactly clear on whether your talking to gmail or away gmail, but I think I get what you mean.

It's to my understanding it works like this with gmail:

- If you are trying to remotely connect to their IMAP/POP:
-- Incorrect credentials will end up getting a time-out by Google's servers (and possibly locked if email is correct).

- If gmail is trying to remotely connect to your IMAP/POP server for getting their mail:
-- Incorrect login credentials will be tried over and over, but not hard hitting. for example, it may wait an hour before trying again. But it will keep trying. I believe there is a user setting of how often it checks, but I could be wrong about that.

24-08-2013, 15:42
Can anyone tell me if I'm typing in gobble-de-gook over there, or asked a stupid question please:

All I need to know is, if you add POP3/IMAP accounts to GoogleMail accounts, and if the user & password is wrong, does it keep trying to log in indefinitely (see gregoryfenton, I spelt it right!!) or give up after xx tries.

Anyone know?