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Lsi megs

26-08-2013, 07:01
yep that is how i would have done it to, well done!

25-08-2013, 00:20
I allocated as much space as possible to ensure GPT. after install I used parted to delete the /home partition, recreated it to the full usable space and reformatted.

all is well

24-08-2013, 21:35
Install OS to / and allocate as much space as you need.

After the install is finished, SSH in, create the huge partition and mount it.

24-08-2013, 17:50
Lsi megaraid switch to raid 0

Having reconfigured the raid controller using MegaCli from raid 1 to raid 0 I can successfully see the full available space.

However I try to reinstall so using ovh manager and it only allows me to partition 2tb instead of the available 4.

Tried installing and checking disk size in os and again drive only partitioned to 2tb but fdisk shows 4tb available.