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is your msp crashing

25-08-2013, 17:06
Did you install the Realtek drivers? Mine did crash but it's been rock solid since.

25-08-2013, 17:03
Did you turn off speedstep?

After reading your other thread I disabled speedstep on my windows box.
Guess what happened?

It stopped responding to pings 3 hours later.

I have now re-enabled speedstep.

25-08-2013, 15:42
I would let OVH install the latest BOIS and reinstall on their Kernel and see if it is stable.

Then you can try your kernel, although speed-step is there for a reason and I can't see that many cases where it needs to be disabled. I would prefer a slightly slower CPU that was more stable.


25-08-2013, 13:38
I have an MSP in BHS, delivered within 40 minutes a few days ago, still waiting for its twin in RBX

Are you able to trigger the crash at will?
If so let me know how and I will see if I can replicate.

What OS are you using, I have moved from Ubuntu/Debian to Centos now and am using the non OVH variant with the updated Realtek NIC drivers.

25-08-2013, 12:27

This may not help, but I have an "SP Best of", which has been rock solid... I am running W2008 R2 Web...


25-08-2013, 02:53
its crashing a lot no matter what i do

got a ticket update

Dear customer,

You kernel and your bios are not updated, which caused an
unstability with your motherboard model.

Regarding kernel,here is the appropriate version:

please update your kernel with the following guide or just
restart on our netboot bzimage which is already

Regarding bios,please confirm your agreement for an
intervention aiming to update your bios by a datacentre

Now i do not want to install the latest ovh kernel some people saying you can not disable speedstep and run all cores on performance

anyone had these problems