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Renewal Question

25-08-2013, 19:40
i just got a cheap vps for the time being.. it will do me for a month ...
too bad for people who got greater needs than mine and will waste their money

25-08-2013, 18:45
Time to make the decision on whether you want to pay twice (ie the server on order and the renewal server) or whether to cancel the orders outstanding and reorder when they situation is back to normal.

Which judging by recent posts from Oles will be within 2 weeks for anything else apart from 2G which could well be another month.

25-08-2013, 17:48
Seeing some of the other posts about the same issue, OVH seem determined to stick to this new policy hooglecraft! It's unfortunate, but as it stands, until OVH decide otherwise, you're stuck as a lot of others are.

25-08-2013, 16:50
Tell me about it. This has cost us over 1000 recently. We'd been aligning services on a week by week basis. Hoping to get this sorted out on Tuesday.

25-08-2013, 16:36
Ok so I currently have a Kimsufi 8Gb server I know many of you will say it is a kids server etc that is not what this is about. I have ordered a new MSP to replace this kimsufi which I am happy about except 1 month on it still hasn't arrived and I am very doubtful it will do by today or tomorrow as advised. My problem is I was renewing my 8g kimsufi on a weekly basis as I didnt want to renew for a whole month just to hand it in day 2 of that subscription as my new server was ready.

OVH have taken it on themselves to remove this feature which by the way was recommended by them and it expires tomorrow. The problem is that server will now cost me a none refundable 40 to use which may only get used for 1 day.

Now considering I can get an MSP for the same price or a 16 gb kimsufi now for half the price how is this exactly fair that I have to rent a server for a few days at the same cost as it will be for a month which is also over priced compared to the new range of servers OVH are trying to roll out.

Is there a way that I can renew the server for 1 week because even after that expires I would expect that OVH will be able to deliver a server ordered 5 weeks ago by then.

Will OVH offer me say 3 days grace (or until this weeks further delays and deliver announcements failed prediction delivery times will be) on the Grounds that I am waiting on a server that was advertised as 72 hour delivery time when ordered and 4 weeks on here we are with no delivery in site. And the fact I have been renewing my server , And to top it off OVH has suddenly changed their alligned service policy without notification and if I knew last week they were going to stop me from renewing a week at a time I would have renewed it for 2 weeks.

Can OVH say abracadabra and make my server available today which I would love you long time for.

Will support offer a custom renewal package if you email them, I dont want to be 1 of these people constantly emailing support to pester them when They are already busy.