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Mini SP GRA still not arrived

25-08-2013, 19:35
Well they still have the 1% to make it back up then.

25-08-2013, 19:33
Bank holiday last week for the French Bank Holiday this week for the English I wouldnt count on anything being delivered. I think every week they will make an announcement saying back log will be cleared by end of the week and then just keep extending it.

I ordered in July for my MSP so I am going to guess it will be ready September- October based on recent evidence disregarding their predictions as they have 99% been wrong so far.

25-08-2013, 19:15
complain in the morning. they still have a few hours don't they?

25-08-2013, 18:42
I bought 3 on the 19th so I guess I have no chance

25-08-2013, 18:41
Well it's now less then 7 hours until this week is over, OVH said all backlog servers will be delivered by this time.

My order 21877668 paid on the 9th has still not arrived.

can staff explain what is going on please.