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Dedicated Server down!

28-08-2013, 22:47
If you ever need space to store your files I'm sure someone on the forum will offer you some space. I would, however I'm nearing my servers limit already. I need some new servers but someone called OVH has backlogs

28-08-2013, 16:07
Well just to clear things up I gave up trying to fix the machine and bought a cheap VPS to store my data since the OVH FTP Backup server also decided to break on me and refused to let me connect after about being halfway though uploading data. For the record though OVH did work fast to correct it so can't complain I Was tempted to get a VPS here but the prices were higher than what I was willing to pay since it would be a 1 time use and then 29days of paid service not used lol.

After backing everything up I just formatted which lead to even more problems and headaches but a day later I have a working live server again. Thank god!

26-08-2013, 15:51
Is anywhere I can see what is shown on the screen when it boots up? I'm struggling here, I can't figure out whats wrong at all I mean i'm even using network boot now and the Manager5 control panel shows as 'no response' for the status :S

26-08-2013, 14:41
Okay ill give that a shot! thank you

26-08-2013, 13:54

On the netboot list instead of changing to to HD, choose a Netboot kernel and reboot, see if it comes up then by loading a kernel from the network.

26-08-2013, 13:52
Do you mean set it in rescue mode?

Yeah i've just learnt how to do that and had access tothe machine, managed to chroot and attempt to fix the grub (which had no kernels listed) corrected all that and ran update-grub it generated new grub.cfg and so I exited and unmounted and rebooted the server.

It still didn't come back on so now im going back into rescue mode to see whether my saves actually saved or not.

26-08-2013, 13:30

Have you tried changing it to a netboot kernel via the OVH Manager and rebooting it?

26-08-2013, 12:20
hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I attempted to switch my kernel from the OVH one to a normal kernel and it failed to come back online.

I've been sent an e-mail about it being 'defected' and they're going to have a look at it. I'm assuming it's because the kernel didn't boot...!

Is there anyway I can fix this without reformatting the whole machine I don't want to loose the data on there =x