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IP Addresses limitations

27-08-2013, 22:41
They probably have max amounts of ips routed to each rack/router so I'd assume if they have any free ip space they *MAY* assign you some more IPs if you ask nicely

27-08-2013, 11:37
I thought it had something to do with routing multiple IP's to one server costing more money?

I might be wrong.

27-08-2013, 10:48
Hi all,

Just thought to ask the OVH, why not to limit the IP Addresses per customer not per server? as I have a several servers where I use only 1-2 IP addresses, but bigger servers are used for more than 36 IP addresses (SP series of servers), as it's used for VMs, SSL and required dedicated IP addresses.

Why not have limitations per customer not per server? I think it will be better, what do you think? your thoughts?