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Delivery updates - 26/08

27-08-2013, 11:27
Dear Customer,

There are only a few days left before the end of the month. We have a record level of server deliveries in the history of OVH, which will soon reach 20,000 servers (!!). This is just astronomical, especially for a quiet month like August. After 3-4 weeks of uncertainty, the situation is getting back under control. Our aim this week is to deliver the FS/EG/MG/HG servers in 1hr, then the KS/SP in 10 days, and lastly, end of September for the KS-2G.

We have reorganised how we deliver the service and reduced the choice of DCs. We think that from mid-September, we will be able to deliver servers
from any DC again. However, for the time being, the aim is completing all outstanding deliveries as fast as possible.



At RBX, the delay on MGs has been made up for. We are now working on 1hr servers stocks in order to avoid further delivery delays. At SBG and GRA, we will complete all outstanding deliveries this week and we have blocked orders from these 2 DCs. We have decided to make RBX deliveries a priority and to put pressure on to deliver in 1hr.

On the EGs, the CPU arrives tomorrow and the delay should be dealt with
by the end of the week. The same goes as for the MGs: we are delivering in RBX.



12 HG are still delayed. We expect that as of Wednesday, we will be able to deliver all references of HG in 1hr. This is already the case for some references. Deliveries will be now carried out in RBX to put pressure on 1hr deliveries.



24 FS remain to be delivered. As of Wednesday, we should have enough stock to deliver the 2 references in GRA in 1hr.



To make up for the delay, we decided to change the organisation:

1) We will now deliver the mSP/mSP SSD only in GRA. This will enable us to make up for all delays in approximately 10 days. We will contact all customers who have ordered the mSP in RBX and SBG to offer them express delivery from GRA. All new mSP orders will only offer delivery in GRA.

2) We will now only deliver the SP BestOf in RBX. This will allow us to put all our efforts to making up for all delays (in all DCs) for approximately 150 servers. This is not much but when spread across 3 DCs, it takes time to organise. We prefer to be efficient and to concentrate our efforts on RBX.

We have really had many orders for mSP during the quietest month (August) of the year and the new organisation process will allow us to speed up delivery. Less options for the time being, thus more effective. The choice of DC will be back as soon as the speed of orders has been controlled.



KS-24G: in 1hr

KS-16G RAID: entire backlog cleared

KS-16G no RAID: we think we will need between 10 and 14 days to clear all outstanding orders. Only after which we will reopen orders for this reference.

KS-4G: deliveries are progressing at a good speed, we are delivering with a 3-4 day delay.

KS-2G: we are delivering 1000 servers per week. By the end of September,
we should have delivered all outstanding orders and be taking new ones.

Best wishes,