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Well more bad news grrrr

27-08-2013, 20:54
When i canceled one of my servers to re order it at a different data center recently. my refund was given to me well within 24hrs.


27-08-2013, 20:51
Quick at taking money, slow when it comes to giving you a service, even slower when you ask for the money back.

27-08-2013, 13:28
I posted the update yesterday from the CEO, it shouldn't be a shock.

To avoid any more disappointment expect the server to possibly take until the end of Sept to be deployed.

OVH are not hiding from giving refunds in fact the opposite, they have stated many times on this forum they will issue a refund to anyone that wants one if you email

27-08-2013, 13:25
So just got of the phone with OVH UK team to be told it can be another ten bloody days before my server arrives, last week it was going to arrive before Sunday now to be told another ten days i mean WTF! at least give me an honest date so i can make a dissension in the matter if i knew all this was going to happen i would have done a refund days ago, it's starting to appear that there just using lies now to keep us from requesting refunds by putting us under the illusion that we would only have to wait a little longer.