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While you wait and wait and wait... is it echo?

27-08-2013, 19:30
The VPS' are, and the previous Cloud instance offers were, all HA. The OpenVZ-based VPS offers are run inside a VMWare-based VM (which is what the cloud instances are based on too). Those VMs are in turn running in such way, that if the node suffers a failure, the VM is fired up on, or migrated to another node (depending on the state).

The new cloud instances are supposed to have a VLAN per project and support for custo OVF iages. The latter means you can create your own disk image (using an ISO or other source), configure it accordingly and then upload it from which the system runs.

Not sure about a hardware load balancer, but that's easy enough to accomplish otherwise (as is the firewall).

I do like that with Prometeus you can keep the IP assigned to a stopped instance, which before wasn't possible with OVH (and I'd asked about that feature too). Not sure if OVH has any plans for this with their new cloud instances, but will be very useful if they did.

27-08-2013, 14:37
It's a bit off-topic but here I go...

After I found out then my server will not be delivered in time, weeks ago, I hoped that at least I could use OVH cloud, but as it happens, they are not ready with cloud either, quite funny situation
I mean, Instances are not available.

Yesterday I got e-mail from one of my VPS providers (Prometeus / low-end VPS) about new cloud:
I'm hosting one of my project there, what I later plan to move into my own VPS when OVH finally delivers my server

They have some interesting features:
High Availability
Live migration
Isolated Network
External Firewall with GUI
This might be wrong place, but does anyone know if OVH will be offering same features in their cloud?
Private VLAN and load balancer are awesome features.

Since I'm still waiting my servers, I'll play in their sandbox.