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Change of Datacenter Confirmation (RBX-GRA)

30-08-2013, 10:51
Quote Originally Posted by hooglecraft
I couldnt change mine unable to modify order
Is it still the case? What's your order number?

29-08-2013, 19:38
I couldnt change mine unable to modify order

29-08-2013, 18:14
Whatever it is, hope its soon.
I received my mSP SSD in 3 days but HG Standard which has 24H setup time on the site hasn't been setup yet and its already been 3 days now.

29-08-2013, 18:04

Well i selected GRA ^^ ?

I wonder if this is another get your hope up like the temp 100mbit saga....

29-08-2013, 17:45
Received an email from OVH asking for confirmation on change of datacenter.

Dear Customer,

You recently ordered a server from the Serveur mini SP - 1 mois
range in our OVH datacentre RBX, and we thank you.

As you are probably aware, our delivery times have been
longer than usual at RBX for the past few weeks,
due to the very high number number of orders we received in
the month of August, following the total update of our range.

To speed up delivery of your server, we are offering you the option
to change which datacentre it is hosted in: instead of RBX
we are offering you GRA, which is still in France.
By changing the datacentre of delivery, you will keep your position
in the order queue, and you will receive delivery very soon.

You can consult the following page which shows the locations
of our different datacentres:


If you agree to delivery in GRA, you can
confirm this change immediately:
So Guess our servers should be delivered soon.