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Proxmox / Untangle

02-09-2013, 21:55
Finally got it sorted! There was no need to enter any more routes manually, port forwarding is also fine

Yeah, PFsense is very good - hadn't used it until a couple of days ago. I've actually got Untangle sat before my mail server and a couple of other VMs in bridge mode, just for extra filtering but I'm gonna look at the PF packages or see if I can't DIY something else.

Untangle does seem slow in comparison, now!

Thanks for all your help

01-09-2013, 12:48

Untangle: After setting the Network config like you said every time we edited the networks from the webUI it overwrote the changes we made. Because of this we never used the webUI to edit networks, although we never had any issues with it overwriting on an update (not that I can remember)

pfSense: That may work, not 100% sure but it should work.
Never edited the config.xml, always used the webUI for shellcmd.

100% prefer PfSense, much easier to setup and we have found its much faster and has alot more features.

Hope this helps

31-08-2013, 23:23

Yeah, I'd considered editing the Debian network config file, but I think Untangle overwrites this any time you make a configuration change/install an update. I'm still considering using Untangle in bridge mode for it's filtering/security possibilities.

Thanks for sharing that link, it's been useful! If I want to put all three failovers through PFsense, am I right in thinking I can just add the other two as aliases in the web config tool, then just add;
route add -net failover_ip(change last byte to 254)/32 -iface em0
To the config.xml file for each, without adding more default routes?

Really friendly community here, by the way, everyone is very helpful so thank you

31-08-2013, 19:26
We used to use Proxmox and Untangle, now use Proxmox and PfSense.

These may help you with PfSense:

Even though its for esx, we just used the last part for routes.
When you have sucessfully installed PfSense and have a working box, install ShellCMD so you can automate those 2 commands that you have to enter on every reboot.

With untangle we had to manually edit the eth0 config in /etc/sysconfig/networks (I think thats the path, been a while since I've used a debian based distro)

31-08-2013, 01:19
Okay, so it turns out Untangle won't accept your IP and gateway being in different subnets... PFsense, then!

30-08-2013, 20:37

Having a bit of trouble and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction..?

I've got Proxmox running on a mini SP, finally got all my ISOs uploaded to it!

What I am ultimately trying to achieve is;

OVH Failover IP 1 -\                 /- VM with IP 1
OVH Failover IP 2 ---- Untangle VM ---- VM with IP 1 + 2
OVH Failover IP 3 -/                 \- VM with IP 3
This, in theory, should be fairly simple and I've managed it with other dedicated server providers. The way Failover IPs are handled here is strange to me.

What I've done so far:
- Purchased failover IPs
- Assigned the same virtual MAC to all three failover IPs and the WAN interface on the Untangle VM
- Installed Untangle and attempted network configutation

Untangle doesn't allow you to set the netmask to though the first-boot config script, nor can I set broadcast or routes.

I tried doing what looked obvious, but it just didn't work...

Have I missed something here? I'm sure other people must have managed this..?