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New Server has arrived

02-09-2013, 23:59
Heh .... yup. While I'm "overjoyed" mine arrived the other day after a very lenient "eight" day wait...

I notice the prices of all the servers have gone up by almost a fiver on the UK well as a re-design of the page. Can anyone say "f**k moi"? What's the extra fiver a month - 60 PLUS Vat a year for, exactly? The privilege of waiting longer?

02-09-2013, 23:10
Just to let you know my new server has arrived

I ordered on 30th July and got it this evening so I am sure many more of you will be in the same boat.

setup in GRA after changing from RBX

So I hope you all enjoy your server when it arrives.....

Thank you OVH I love you again worth the wait your still the best Value dedicated server Hosting around