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SSD smart

25-09-2013, 10:42
Ring them, it is a Professional server so you have telephone support.

Good luck and hope your issues get rectified soon.

24-09-2013, 18:24
i ask for refund and i wait 8 days for respond from ovh.

This is details:
Dear Customer,
OVH will only refund servers within 7 days of delivery. delivery date 2013-09-05 06:22:44.
This server has passed the limit fro a refund.
OVH Support
This is incidents in one month:

I ask refund but my server have more hardware issue. I spend a lot of my time but server not work correct. I lost my money!

16-09-2013, 10:16
Thanks for your reply. Yes, i have PRO usage.
But OVH techs dont solve my problem. I wait long time for technics response.

15-09-2013, 23:37
If I were you and faced so many issues jozo, I'd ask for a new server and definitely a refund for the time lost. It seems you have lots of hardware issues.

I doubt the members here can help with your issues if they're hardware related, the best support are the OVH techs. You mentioned its a 'professional server', does that mean you're paying for PRO usage?

15-09-2013, 22:57
Today my server crash again...

14-09-2013, 02:32
My problem is solved. I change technic and new technic change RAM+power supply.
Now my server work OK.

10-09-2013, 12:40
My night mare with this server and ovh support. Please how i solve my problem?
My mSP SSD server was delivery 5.9.2013. This server use CentOS + solusvm with openvz virtualization.

I migrate my vps to this server and next start up my problem.
2013-09-06 10:05:49 – server no ping. I use hard reboot and my server is online

2013-09-07 10:10:54:42 – server no ping, i use hard reboot and my server is again online
2013-09-07 14:58:50- server no ping., i use hard reboot and my server is again online

2013-09-08 06:39:41 – server no ping, i use hard reboot and my server again online
2013-09-08 06:56:44 – server no ping, i use hard reboot and my server is online
I move my vps to another my server and open my ticket with failture and wait for repair.
2013-09-08 07:58:39 – server no ping. I wait for technic response. Technic write: „No information on the screen ("black screen"). No response to keyboard.“ And hard reset my server.
2013-09-08 15:21:04 – server again offline. And i wait for technic response. Texhnic write: „Diagnosis: HS power, Actions: Replacing the power supply. Server restart.“

2013-09-09 00:43:04 – my server is again offline! Technic response: „Server check“. Next technic replace the motherboard. ALL MY DATA WAS LOST. Problem with soft raid. I have a backup.
I reinstall my server.
2013-09-09 11:16:03 – server is again offline, technic write „No information on the screen ("black screen"). No response to keyboard.“ Technic use hard reboot.
In ticked i asked for server check and repair.
2013-09-09 15:32:02 – my server is offline. Technics wirte: „No information on the screen ("black screen"). No response to keyboard.“ And hard reboot my server.
Next day i celebrate! My server was online over night, thats great. I start migrate vps to this server morning (about 10 hour morning). And:

2013-09-10 10:26:03 – server again offline. Technic only hard reboot my server.

After hard reboot my server is OK, but rebuild raid. Every incident takes from 30 minutes to 2hour and my server is offline. My server crashed twice or three times a DAY.
I try open new ticket, but ticket is dead. Technics only response to my incidents when my server is offline.

This is „professional server“. Please how to solve my problem?

08-09-2013, 18:19
My problem is solve. New server had a wrong power suply. After change my server work OK.

07-09-2013, 18:44
i have a problem with SSD disk. Check smart for SSD disk is disabled from OVH. Smartctl not work. How i check my SSD disk? Can i allow root permission for smartctl? I use Centos 6.4 SolusVM.

My server crashed three times in last 2 days. It is new mSP server (delivery 5.9). After hard reboot, my server rebuild raid (every crash). Is ok, when after hard reboot is rebuld raid (every fail sda device)? Or is problem with new SSD disk?