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CDN IP Location

03-02-2015, 13:10
Any idea of SYS servers can be used with the new "load balancing ip" option. I purchased one and its letting me us all my OVH servers including Kimsufi and the VPSes - would it also allow the SYS servers then? Seems logical that it would, but given all the changes I need to check..

14-09-2013, 15:39
Hi Neil, Thanks for the reply and for the url.

Are there plans to use a UK ip (or to have them set to UK if requested) in the future for Dedicated CDN?

Please can you take a look at this:

13-09-2013, 16:35

At the moment it is on an FR IP, you can do a ping test with our anycast dns servers ping DNS200.ANYCAST.ME

11-09-2013, 14:00
Hi, Is it possible to have the Anycast IP to show from UK rather than France? I know thats a lot to ask but I was just wondering if its possible?

Also is there a test ip I can use to ping and tracert with?