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Support / DDOS Attacks terrible support

13-09-2013, 07:43
I think whilst the mitigation and vac is new, you'll get people trying out attacks to see if it actually works and how effective it is.

As for the poster, I don't think there's much you can do at this moment in time being in BHS. API nor panel is ready yet.

12-09-2013, 21:01
They all have there crappy $10 L33T booters and keep booting the site with Layer 7 attacks, phone call ovh 24/7 support and get told send a ticket

12-09-2013, 20:58
They must be doing this from their own pc's then as there is not much chance they are controlling a group of pc's to do it?

12-09-2013, 20:55
I run a type of game server and it always is attacked by rival sites or kids from other sites who are trying to get people to move to there sites, I have the pro usage and right now it seems a waste of money if i have no api or control panel to stop these f*****s

12-09-2013, 20:51
I find it very odd that all of a sudden more sites are being affected by DDOS.

Its been around for ages but it seems to normally be used to take down big sites as a statement.

Someone commented on a previous post that a number of minecraft servers have been hit by angry kids however I am sure that people on pro usage are not running minecraft

I did come up with a conspiracy theory the other day though. Oles has been boasting about how good the service is. That to me only encourages people to have a go at the network. Maybe people are having a go at OVH ip's and not our domains directly.

Is it possible that OVH are being attacked more than other providers?

12-09-2013, 20:33
There tech support says it has, so how can I have the ddos protection enabled because the auto system is not stopping these atacks

12-09-2013, 20:33
AFAIK, BHS doesn't have API access (yet).

Going off-topic... With this new Anti-DDOS system in place, there's a lot of mention of DDOS'ing going on - I know DDOS could've existed for years and no-one had publicly stated the fact, but it's interesting.

12-09-2013, 20:21

I have an SP server based in the BHS, I have pro usage on this server. The control panel to enable / disable the mitigation is not yet ready but was told to use which does not show the servers in bhs only the france servers I have made 3 phone calls and sent 2 emails about this and still nobody seems to know anything. I was promised an email before close of business today but no email was received then tonight my server is ddossed again.

I find this totally terrible and want to know what OVH will be doing about this.