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OVH Credit

14-10-2013, 10:26

You actually need to go to the billing section of Manager v5 to see the balance of your OVH account.

When you log into the Manager, click the "Dedicated Cloud" icon for instance and then you should see "Billing".

13-10-2013, 12:17
Quote Originally Posted by Sitebee
Your from bolton too!

20-09-2013, 15:27
Hey, thanks for the response.

I`ve taken a look and could not find anything in the loyalty scheme, infact I had to activate it.

I`ll sent a support ticket in as it`s been almost a month now.

13-09-2013, 16:03
Have look in your manager (V3):

Administration > Loyalty Scheme

... They may have returned the credit as points...


13-09-2013, 15:13
How do I view if I have credit in my OVH account and use it against payment for my services?

The reason I ask is recently I cancelled an order to a mistake on my end. I did ask the OVH support team to not refund me but use the funds as credit.

I`ve just renewed my server and was hoping to use part payment with my credit funds, but I could`nt find the section anywhere.

Could someone please give me some advice on this please? Thanks in advance