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Windows Server/ SQL Server Backups - what do you use?

13-09-2013, 16:56
Looking to move my dedicated servers which are used for hosting to OVH and wondered what people used to backup SQL server and their files.

Is R1 soft thought to be the better software for windows backing up? What strategies do you use for SQL server?

At the moment I backup SQL every 15 minutes (tlog) and one full backup every night. These are shipped to a local folder then FTP'd offsite.

Files are backed up by R1 Soft.

Just curious to see if anyone has any other suggestions/solutions as R1 Soft requires another server for it to run on.

I had half thought about using BitTorrent Sync and pair servers together. I.E Server A would sync to server B and Server B would sync to Server A. Therefore if Server A died, I could simply restore the synced files on Server B. Given that servers only ever run at 50% load, this could potentially work.

The same syncs could be set up to another PC which could then be versioned to keep file history.