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How would you re-price the servers?

20-09-2013, 11:42
It would make sense to run the nameserver using the cloud offering. Problem is that their cheapest cloud offering is more expensive that the KS 2G.

17-09-2013, 20:52
Out of ten:

RAM: 9
CPU Cores: 5
CPU speed: 5
HDD: 5
Network: 7
--ŽSpeed: 4
RAID: Soft 1
IP Addresses: 10
Support: hardware: 8 software: 0

Minimum spec is a machine running R2 DNS, i.e 2G

Interesting to see what others come up with.


17-09-2013, 20:25
Hi All,

Following the post from Oles today about the problems OVH face with "Turnover of Servers", I was wondering how you all rate the following:

CPU Cores
CPU Speed
Network Connection
Network Bandwidth
RAID - None vs Soft vs Hard
IP Addresses MAX (IPv4)

...Which of these affects your decision most when looking at your next server.

In my case, for the SP I have, I wanted the email support, Hard Raid, and multiple IP's. The 32 GB of RAM is far more than I need (my SPBo is currently sitting a 4 GB). (No, the other 28GB is not for sale )

Being an ar*e, I like to run my own Name Servers. For this I would need a very limited machine indeed. - Almost to the point the 2013 KS2G would be overkill.

Obviously different projects demand different servers, which is why I have such a random collection.

Your thoughts on what would be your minimum spec point?