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vm can't connect to the internet

17-09-2013, 23:22
Hi To All

Thanks alot for the suggestions , I left the mac address to automatic when creating the vps instead of actually typing in the mac address i assigned the ip failover too.

VPS now is working fine.

One again thanks to all who tried helping me out.

17-09-2013, 22:26
Yup, as above just turn the vm off, plus in the MAC in the adaptor settings and boot back up.


17-09-2013, 22:11
Quote Originally Posted by Myatu
You need to set the MAC address of the virtual network adapter to the vMAC provided by OVH.
What this man said!

17-09-2013, 21:58
You need to set the MAC address of the virtual network adapter to the vMAC provided by OVH.

17-09-2013, 21:29
thanks for the quick reply

I did the Virtual mac for VPS and against each of the IPs I have a mac address.

Do i need to have this when creating a vps in the network adaptor ? currently it is set to automatic.



17-09-2013, 21:16
Hi lee ,

Did you request v MAC address on the manager and set that up on the vm?

17-09-2013, 21:08

I have a dedicated server with VMware ESXI 5.0. I want to create 3 windows vps machines on to it. So i bought 3 ip failovers.

I setup my first vps with windows 7 and i changed the Interent Protocol IPv4 thing and setup details below.

ip address - (my 1st ip failover)
subnet mask -
default gateway - (my server ip but with .254 at the end)
preferred DNS server -

After accepting this the vps wont connect to the internet.

So my question is, what am i doing wrong ? or what have i missed ?

I ahve contacted support which they keep saying they need a id, username, password. I gave them the main server login details which i used to login to vSphere but they keep asking me for vm id, username, password.

Any ideas ? please


p.s. im a newbie at this creating vps on server stuff