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OVH Mitigation (Anti-DDoS) and Firewall

19-09-2013, 21:19
Hi All,

I have been looking at the page: it mentions two things of interest:

1. Anti-DDoS vs Anti DDoS Pro
2. The "Firewall"

The page (above) shows KS included in the "related products" for the Anti-DDoS Pro. I am not sure this is what was intended, as "Professional Use" is required, and this is not available with KS's...?

Also with the "Pro" you get the ability to Customise the "Firewall Network". I have tried this with my lowly C-05G, and I can add custom rules without having Pro.

Does anyone know if this is about to change?

Having added and tried some rules (more on rules later), I found some interesting results.

This particular machine specifically does minor DNS, POP3, SMTP, and one tiny website (about 4 visits per day!).

I setup the Firewall accordingly, remembering to "allow all ipv4" to my office IP. I then tested RDC|RDP (no rules for this except "allow office").

I was able to connect from my office (expected) and NOT able to connect from a remote server I have in another non-OVH DC (expected).

I then tried from another OVH server, and it worked (NOT expected).

So, the firewall is only to protect Internet to OVH...?

I regularly get attacks of varying sorts from within OVH, so I guess this Firewall only protects me from the other 99% of the internet .

Anyhow: I was wondering if anyone else has successfully setup the Firewall (using manger v666 (beta)), and could help write the guide. I only managed to do this with some Frenglish help from Oles on the DDoS Mailing List. Even then, I did not seem to get the rules right for DNS...

The way the rules are added seems extremely alien - possibly even un-intuitive!

Anyone up for some "I'll show you mine, if....".