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OpenSSH 5.3 Vulneranilities

20-09-2013, 11:06
Thanks for that info

20-09-2013, 09:45
Hi All,

One Servers just failed it's PCI Scan. There is a known issue in OpenSSH 5.6 and earlier: http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/de...=CVE-2010-4478

I see that Myatu has done his thing on *nix platforms before: http://forum.ovh.co.uk/showthread.ph...hlight=openssh

Is there any support for updating OVH-Supplied OpenSSH (CopSSH) on Windows? As the latest version is only available to the licence holder (OVH).

CopSSH: https://www.itefix.no/i2/copssh-get