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Server deployment confirmed - but support screwed up.

20-09-2013, 12:16
I had a call from irish support, and they said i have 2 options - to cancel my order in GRA or place it in other datacenter, well, ok, i agreed to whatever they have, RBX, etc, just to get my server faster.
and yet i found that my server is processed in GRA. and frozen....


ps. the mail i got with confirmation link to change the datacencer didnt work, but here is the mail (we all have seen!!!)

Dear Customer,

You recently ordered a server from the EG 64G SSD 2013 Reloaded Server - 1 month
range in our OVH datacentre GRA, and we thank you.

As you are probably aware, our delivery times have been
longer than usual at GRA for the past few weeks,
due to the very high number number of orders we received in
the month of August, following the total update of our range.

To speed up delivery of your server, we are offering you the option
to change which datacentre it is hosted in: instead of GRA
we are offering you RBX, which is still in France.
By changing the datacentre of delivery, you will keep your position
in the order queue, and you will receive delivery very soon.

You can consult the following page which shows the locations
of our different datacentres:


If you agree to delivery in RBX, you can
confirm this change immediately:


If, in spite of everything, you still want to receive delivery in GRA, follow this link to confirm you want to keep your choice:


If you do not confirm either of the above choices within 48hrs,
for your convenience, we will give priority to speed of delivery
and thus deliver your server in RBX by default.

We are doing our utmost in any case so that these delivery times
are brought down within one week.


wtf OVH??

im so upset...