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Interesting thread at WHT

22-09-2013, 00:30
Quote Originally Posted by LawsHosting
I'd like to know where the "precise" figures came from in post #71!
Guestimating and sources like:


But OVH Inc. is a separate entity from OVH SAS, so they do not affect each other financially.

22-09-2013, 00:13
Started reading the posts and its hard to understand what can and cannot be true.

I did look at the post that you mentioned too. Again its hard to see where the numbers come from.

I still don't understand why they didn't leave the higher end servers available to be honest.

21-09-2013, 23:38
I know WHT isn't that "creditable", and the thread is some days old, I've just stumbled upon it (Keep up Peter!! ) :


I suggest Octave reads it too, he might bring him back down from cloud 9.

I'd like to know where the "precise" figures came from in post #71!