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IP Failover + RIPE block

24-09-2013, 18:35
Marks thanks for your reply.
I use divided RIPE block. Server is ns3368337. I have pro use.

I route 1 Failover IP to this server.
I route 7 IP from my RIPE block.

And i ca not redirect next IP. I PAY PROFESSIONAL USE TOO.

23-09-2013, 12:34
each professional server has a limitation of 3 IPs. If you want to route more than 3 IPs to any server, you'll need Pro use option on that server.

Is this your case? You don't have Pro use on the desitnation server? Send us your account number or server details to know more.

22-09-2013, 20:38
please how to work actuall Failover and RIPE blocks. After changed from OVH i have only problem with IP.

I have mSP server with PRO usage. I can use 3 IP Failover + 32 RIPE.

Actual i use 1 Failover IP and 6 IP from RIPE block. When i try Failover IP from second server i got message "You cannot add this IP failover, limitation reached".

I am waiting 1 week for ovh ticket support... No response.