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Turnover issue

07-10-2013, 19:02

Well, we know that 6 year old servers, or at least, parts are being sold in KS2G.
You may have a long time to wait for the scrap pile.

07-10-2013, 17:31
As one of those loyal customers I have been one that has expanded as my requirement has expanded.

Currently I have a server that processor and memory wise is better than the system on my desk and I have taken full advantage of that, doing something that I wished I could do a long time ago - complete virtualisation and isolation of my servers which would never have been possible with the server I first joined OVH with.

The server I have now I am extremely happy with and - barring a massive increase in spec, which to be honest I can't really see how when this one is a 16GB ram quad core beast of a machine - I won't really rush to change come KS2014, or even KS2015.

I am running 5 VMs and the hypervisor and I am only at 11GB of the ram, meaning there is room for at least another 2 VMs should I need them.

If, come next year, OVH decide to reduce the price of the KS2013 range by a realistically different amount such as 30% or better then I would be more than happy to stay with my current server. If they can't, and offer me a server that makes my current one feel like a poor cousin for the same price range then I'm sorry cousin but you're out of there.

This is all pure pie in the sky anyway, no way will they reduce the current prices.

I'd just love to be the man that collects their scrap pile whenever OVH updates their range. I have always wondered what happens to the models from a year or so ago that are no longer available for rental.

07-10-2013, 17:11
I need to order a new server. I am willing to stick with OVH as their price to performance ratio is perfect!!! However, with their current turnover issue all the servers are sold out and I have no possibility to order.

Why don't they just start to depreciate the server price for their loyal customers. The main reason to migrate to the new server is mainly price concern. So by depreciating the price people will migrate to the new servers only when the extra processing power is needed.