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19-10-2013, 22:59
It's amazing how you miss something only when it's gone....

18-10-2013, 02:18
Don't worry, I'm in no delusion of that fact.
Still, being able to order anything will be a relief at long last.

17-10-2013, 21:39

Don't hold your breath - one way or another prices will have to rise.
Its the only way to slow demand to a rate OVH can cope with.

17-10-2013, 21:13
Well, whats another 2 weeks, eh?

If nothing else, that will sit nicely with pay day, perhaps I'll find the desire to splash out...

17-10-2013, 19:30
Quote Originally Posted by rickyday
Source: Oles Twitter Feed (Thanks to Cartwright for asking the question! )
No problem. I'll make a new thread shortly sharing the news with everyone.

17-10-2013, 17:42
Oles and OVH will be unveiling the new business plan in 2 weeks.

Hopefully starting to sell servers again then!

Source: Oles Twitter Feed (Thanks to Cartwright for asking the question! )

17-10-2013, 14:44
At least they don't offer them, take your money and then give you excuses for over two months why your 10 servers aren't there yet ... Not bitter .... at all .....

16-10-2013, 08:35
that is a bit silly you would think they would have a waiting list and want the servers rented out as soon as they can becouse if they own them they are dead money just sitting there

16-10-2013, 00:28
Apparently they are already in. They are waiting (a long time) until they find the correct business plan before moving forward/opening orders.

The wait is becoming boring now. I'm on the verge of forgetting about this company, as I'm sure, are many others.

15-10-2013, 22:08
Does any one know when the cheap dedicated servers are coming in