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16-02-2017, 02:04
what a good stuff

20-01-2017, 12:38
radio is a good invanshion

09-11-2015, 12:14
can you give more details? What about the JACK? tried some of the preferences? Let me know, thanks

12-10-2015, 13:08
Does your has any proxy settings on it?

16-10-2013, 19:20
I have a

With Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 on with Vnc remote access on it BUT I cannot seem to get to stream my radio station on it I have looked everywhere but for some reason i connect anywhere. I have also installed a few programs ie Vlc, Internet DJ Console, Gnome Music Player Client, Mixxx I even installed WINE but most of them wont let me connect or says something about JACK, please help me as I don not know what to do next