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DNS Help

23-10-2013, 12:16
Cheers Marc,

Its still showing up wrong through dig but its pointing in the right direction which is all that matters I suppose.

Thanks for having a look at this for me.

23-10-2013, 11:50
I seems a case of DNS propagation and you'll see the changes done if not already, in a few hours.

22-10-2013, 23:26
I have tried "dig" and it was wrong however using +trace on the end gives me the correct result.

It seems its going through to the correct site now but just using the "dig" command still shows the old DNS and IP very strange.

22-10-2013, 22:02
Is that in fact the case at the domain's nameservers themselves, or at the DNS you use for lookups?

For example, on Linux, if you use "dig +trace", it should bypass the DNS and follow it all the way through to the authoritative nameserver (which should then reply with the IP you specified).

22-10-2013, 21:23
I have moved a domain name to OVH and it appears in my manager ok but even after changing the DNS on the domain and the ip that it points to it still seems to be pointing in to the old DNS.

Marc has messaged me back to say that they are pointing to the old host but in my manager it shows that I have changed them.

I have tried changing them a couple of times to see if it makes a difference but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Anyone know of anything I might need to do to make them work?

No doubt mark will message me back tomorrow but if there is something I have not done correctly then I might be able to sort it tonight