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28-10-2013, 16:39
they simply F confusing all with their FrenEnglish, withiout PRO option impossible to use server anyway, 3 IP addresses it's not enough for 2TB HDD / 32GB RAM server.

The anti DDOS protection worse than DDOS attacks, as server will be down anyway if you use it permanent.

28-10-2013, 15:54
Shame it's still in beta.... unless all the issues were ironed out within a few weeks, which I highly doubt.

28-10-2013, 12:37

OVH is pushing the boundaries by offering systematic protection against distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). The OVH anti-DDoS protection is active of all physical and virtual servers: VPS, KS, SP, EG, MG, HG, Dedicated Cloud. ALL attacks are mitigated automatically, by default.

A service made possible by spreading the costs and investments across the entire customer base.

What's more, by signing up for the "anti-DDoS Pro" option, you benefit from permanent mitigation and the Firewall Network, which only allows pre-determined IPs and applications to connect; all others are blocked.

No less than three protection infrastructures have been deployed in Strasbourg, Roubaix and Montreal, to clean the traffic.

And not before time....