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RE: Bad configuration regarding your server - Note to OVH company!!

01-11-2013, 17:15
the OVH technician don't get if the VM is limited to MAC & IP address, if customer change the IP or MAC, the xenserver will not allow to use it, if customer change configuration of Gateway, but they will ****ed up (sorry for my French) the internet connection and will open the support ticket in my company to correct the issue, but I had no tickets about it.

01-11-2013, 13:52
In the past when i used XenServer I was getting messages about bad configuration, but everything was ok - after some communication with Technician who had no clue what's going on i simply ignored that, messages also stopped being sent without any change on my side. Perhaps it was just a glitch...

31-10-2013, 11:18
Quote Originally Posted by macole111
OVH get that data from their routers and switches, so something must be wrong.
macole111 is right, anyway I have checked recently and it looks like the issue is fixed, the logs show that the misconfigured VMs appeared to have the wrong gateways, which have now been fixed.

Remember the issue is not with XenServer but the actual VMs themselves.

31-10-2013, 10:59
But how do you know? OVH get that data from their routers and switches, so something must be wrong.

I agree that the emails aren't very constructive, 3 chances to get it right aren't enough. You need a website so that we can check if our configuration changes have worked, otherwise we have no idea.


31-10-2013, 00:53
I had recently emails about it and I don't believe that, as I know very well the Citrix Xenserver and I can confirm that the VPS account can be limited to one IP address/several IP addresses using the following commands:

##put in lock mode
xe vif-param-set uuid=numbers-and-letters-id-of-VM locking-mode=locked

##restrict to one IP address
xe vif-param-set uuid=numbers-and-letters-id-of-VM

explanation what it does:
Network Port locking
Locking a virtual NIC to a MAC address and
IP combination > multi tenancy
Prevents from
ᵒ Claiming an IP or MAC address other than the ones
the XenServer administrator has specified it can use
ᵒ Intercepting, spoofing, or disrupting the traffic
of other VMs

ᵒ Supported on bridge and OVS
ᵒ Advanced Edition or higher
ᵒ Not to be used with DVS controller
ᵒ xe vif-param-set uuid= locking-mode=locked
ᵒ xe vif-param-set uuid= ipv4-allowed=
original source:

Therefore this is proof that your emails are full of crap and useless information, as you don't know anything about system administration!