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New Distribution: VMware ESXi 5.5

31-10-2013, 17:26

We've just released the latest version of the free VMware hypervisor:
ESXi 5.5

The most awaited new feature for OVH customers is likely to be that there's no 32 GB RAM limit with the free version any more, so it's compatible with a greater number of OVH servers from the old and future ranges.

The hardware support hasn't changed much since version 5.1, which means that the majority of OVH servers, especially EG/MG/HG, are well supported.

Apart from the addition of the "StorCLI" and "MegaCLI" tools for HardRAID management on the LSI cards, installation is "out of the box".

The new ESXi is currently available in alpha on reinstallation via Manager v3, v5 and API v6. Please don't hesitate to leave us your comments here on the forum.

Best regards,