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Kimsufi & Windows Server

25-11-2013, 00:08
Well, one announcement is this one:
which says among others that kimsufi servers have resumed, and if you look on their dedicated website they do not offer windows:
And kimsufi servers have been removed from the main page

The uk website is a bit behind but it does look like they restricted kimsufis to linux.

22-11-2013, 23:53
I have missed the announcement as well regarding Linux only for kimsufi's

22-11-2013, 22:18
I must've missed that announcement. I don't think I read anywhere that they will limit Kimsufi to Linux only...

Also, since its now a "Personal Server" range, it would not make much sense to limit your experience that way.

20-11-2013, 18:06

I am a bit confused by the recent announcements. When ovh allows rental of new dedicated servers, will there be any way to have a kimsufi running under windows or will it be definitely linux only?