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UK discussion of SYS

21-11-2013, 16:34
Great. More delays, just what OVH need...

These new CPUs would be good with other hardware/option configs.


21-11-2013, 15:12
Quote Originally Posted by Mark1978
We've been in the waiting room a long time; it's getting cold in here.
And crowded..

21-11-2013, 15:08
We've been in the waiting room a long time; it's getting cold in here.

21-11-2013, 13:06
They've pulled this idea, and are going to (don't quote me on this in a month) offer the E3 series instead of this atomination :3 see what I did there?

But yeah, panic over, back to the waiting room!

21-11-2013, 11:37
I do like the idea of these new CPUs, however as a replacement for the mSP. no.

Although this is all speculation until Oles remember that we aren't all French (in fact I bet that France is a relatively small share of OVH, once you take out the fact they are based in France).


21-11-2013, 11:22
Guys just a update, these two servers leading off the website is OVH's idea of what a web hosting server is. Its for web hosters.... which would make sense.

ITS NOT IN EQUIVALENT TO THE MSP !!! OVH give me a bloody good christmas !!!! knock my bloody sox off and give me a xeon with 48 gb ram and 8mb level 3 cache followed by naughty pics of a bakini girl maintaining my unit ( server ). end of month guys, not sooner... just wait till the end of the month... in 9 days i will be dropping bricks...

21-11-2013, 11:15
2x HDD gives not enough IO for VMs and SSD are too small.

Anyway i saw on French forum that they will pull out this offer and use E3 instead.

21-11-2013, 10:33
Is it really easier to set up several different websites to sell several types of server?

What's wrong with the dedicated server page you had, where you can see everything under one roof.. now i have to check multiple sites every day just to see if your willing to take my money yet!

21-11-2013, 10:30
I'm seriously dreading seeing what changes they make to ovh branding and if they are going to screw us even further then they already have with KS and SYS. If this new crappy offer from SYS is supposed to be alternative to the mSP does this mean they are going to remove the mSP from OVH site and if not are they going to do something to make it harder to buy/use?

21-11-2013, 09:19
Quote Originally Posted by alex
4 IPs it's not enough for server with decent amount of RAM and HDD.
The IP's aren't even worth having 4 of, if the processor can't support 4 virtual machines. Who in their right mind would ever put an ATOM ULTRA LOW POWERED PROCESSOR into a machine with 32GB RAM!? Seriously!?!?!? Did every single person screw up the survey or something!?!?!?

Edit: Meh, ok I've looked into benchmarks, it's still not the most amazing processor but I reserve judgement until the forum lights up once again with complaints.

21-11-2013, 08:23
4 IPs it's not enough for server with decent amount of RAM and HDD.

20-11-2013, 23:49
has anyone really questioned as to whether oles is changing the company dramatically based on his own personal defects with cancer. Family ran business;s do not work. This is now what i am left thinking.

its only a matter of time before someone puts up a website representing accurate ongoings of what is happening with OVH. showing new customers and people who are interested to give them a idea of what they can expect. infact i think a a few people would volunteer to contribute. sounds promising.

20-11-2013, 21:44
nice setup cost as well.

so the servers cost more with a higher setup cost.

20-11-2013, 21:29
tbh they look okay (a bit pricey) but 4 IPv4, for 32GB of RAM? Really, you want at least 16 for VMs. Otherwise I find that my workloads are RAM intensive not CPU intensive. We'll see with the UK offers.


20-11-2013, 20:41
That offer is a huge step backwards. It is actually worse than the old Kimsufi offers..

20-11-2013, 18:00
Guys am sure there are gonna be lots of questions over the next coming months as OVH keep us in the dark and not say much given that oles doesnt speak to his support team much.

Would be better if we help each other if we have any questions with a little research.

Think someone needs to translate the fr website before we become disappointed.

I believe that the systems they have put in place are suppose to be the new alternative to the Mini SP range.

so basically its
Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
Intel Avoton C2750
Based on the information here, the 1230v3 Intel Xeon E3 out performs the intel Atom. the 1245 isnt even on the spec list. More over, The E3 Xeon has 50 % less cores and threads than the intel atom chip and yet the Xeon chip 1230 v3 beats its ass. Also aside from that, the intel Atom chip has 4MB L2 cache which isnt really ideal for high end server load and data flow. the Xeon E3 chip has 8 Mb smart cache.which is double the Atom chip rate.

So in short this server is a waste of space if you want to use it for high load. No point really having 8 cores 8 threads if the performance when using all of them is laggy, latent, and inconsistent with others.

I am unfortunately against the new ATOM core technology that recently came out with a price of $170 to buy the chip, everything else looks promising, 32 Gb EEC, 2x 1TB for raid options, 4 Ip's.

This is only there first offerings. I cant imagine the new kimsufi options will be much worse than this. also as a side note, look at the call centre. i have called ovh a few times over three years and only spoken to the same three people, This call centre here looks like over 50 people.... who are they fooling.

Question resides as to consider other hosters instead, Hetzner offers the latest in haswell 4770k server with 32 gb of ram for 49 euros a month. Which one would you go for, a ATOM or a Haswell , and if you honestly need to answer that question, then this is not the topic for you .

Are you guys probably against what i said about the ATOM, or do you agree

Comments guys.