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Does OVH offer 2012 R2?

25-11-2013, 20:45
I ran the R2 setup over my Win 2012 install, it upgraded it without an issue. Though some others have faced issues whereby it just won't install.

As they say, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

25-11-2013, 16:52
Could try installing R2 by itself as an update? Or does it actually need interaction during the install which cuts off remote?

25-11-2013, 16:07
They probably haven't got around to adding it yet, they had difficulties because of some hardware issues with 2012 who knows when R2 gets added.

mr. pineapple
24-11-2013, 22:57
Hello guys I've brought a dedi from OVH but I was wondering if they offer 2012 R2? I can only see 2012 in the OS list. Sorry for the newbie question.

Cheers, Pineapple