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is it all doom and gloom?

29-11-2013, 20:41

Its got to the point where nobody believes what OVH post here any more. It not the UK support staff, its the style of management and (lack of) internal communication within OVH. That won't change unless tho people change.

The fall out from kimigate(TM) has exposed the failings within OVH senior managent and it looks like no long term lessons havu been learned.

29-11-2013, 20:02
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29-11-2013, 19:54
I thought that Kimigate would wash over and OVH + the great group of forum people would be good again.

Looking at the forums still each day that doesn't appear to be the case. It seems like more and more people are running out of patience now which is meaning we are picking the bones out of every bit of information.

I still feel that the root cause is in France and that the UK are taking the grunt of it.,

I do hope that the problems don't last too much longer and people can get back to showing OVH a little love.