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Faulty Disk

30-11-2013, 09:48
Hi zemon,

I have some recommendations:

1. Do any backups you need, use WinResucue if needed.

2. Post the Server Number (You can find this in Manager V3). This is not the one starting KS, but the actual server number.

3. I suspect that the Hard Drive has not actually failed yet, just that it is on the way out. The automated systems at OVH will not detect this, only an actual failure.

4. Read This Post and consider how difficult it is going to be for you, compared to someone who spends much more money (84) on a "real" OVH server .

5. Pray.

Hardware support is supposed to be "automatic". This will not help you until the drive does stop working. Both OVH and KS servers will have hardware replaced in a reasonable time-frame, but you cannot create a ticket for it, if it is a KS, the staff have to do that.



30-11-2013, 00:09
I have a faulty disk on one of my OVH servers but when I go to submit an incident ticket the server is greyed out.

I know that the KS range have hardware faults fixed by the forum, not sure how but I was under the impression that hardware support is available with the OVH range.

Can someone explain?

SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: FAILED!
Drive failure expected in less than 24 hours. SAVE ALL DATA.
See vendor-specific Attribute list for failed Attributes.