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AMD for VPS ???

08-12-2013, 15:32
What is needed is some hard cold benchmarks, would be great if someone that has one of these servers could post some.

Perhaps OVH can help out their customers here and show us some comparisons between the two, just complaining about a CPU because it is AMD simply isn't the way to go here, we need some benchies comparing the Opteron to say something like a E3-1245 V2 which is in the amazingly priced mSP.

We need something more substantial than just the comparisons between the cpus which are what most of the web searches dig up. BENCHMARKS! SHOW ME THE BENCHMARKS!

Quite power hungry though these Opterons, but of course they are cheep! Like the budgie!

08-12-2013, 14:07
Tell me about it, I'd rather go for the Enterprise SP-64 for the same price.

08-12-2013, 11:55

In general more cores is better but it all depends on your workload.
When I'm spending my own money, I usually find that AMD has a better price/performace ratio than Intel.
With money no object, Intel will deliver the best performance.

OVH have an eye on price/performace, so I'm not surprised they have some AMD offerings.

08-12-2013, 11:15
whos bright idea at ovh was it to do AMD based cores for vps based servers.

does someone wanna fill me in as to why amd is ovh's solution for vps options... am i missing somethin, could i be this deluded.

Are they using this core because firstly its cheap and secondly because they can get 6 cores 6 threads this cheap. ?

would you guys prefer to have intel 4 cores 4 threads or amd 6 cores 6 threads....