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Contract Terms

11-12-2013, 22:33
Oh! Contracts and OVH... That reminds me of this incident.

11-12-2013, 21:40
I would take whatever they say with a pinch of salt. Unfortunately what UK support tell you now might not be true in 6 months. From the last year or so with OVH I can tell you how bad it's been. This isn't UK support's fault, it's Oles not making up his mind.

11-12-2013, 21:34
If I renew/order a server fom OVH for 12 months, are OVH bound to the contract for 12 months or are they free to act like they have over the last three or four months?

Can I trust an official OVH response?
How will I know if I get an offical OVH response?

I suspect I won't like the answer, so maybe I sit it out and watch for a year or two with another provider.