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12-12-2013, 22:02
- How can you afford all this?
- Well, i rent super cheap dedicated servers and have hundred of thousands of customers
- But there is no way you have that many servers here
- Yes, i don't have
- So how do you do that?
- If someone decides to abandon the server, we allocate it to another customer, otherwise they have to wait or we refund.
- But, how do you make money?
- Interest my friend, interest.

/Re-phrased one of the movies i watched /
/Also OVH once held my money for over a month and has not delivered the server/

12-12-2013, 21:47
Quote Originally Posted by marks
... has availability "soon" right at this moment

12-12-2013, 09:46
well, that's not exactly what it was said on the phone conversation.

As you can see for the Enterpresie SP-64 has availability "soon" right at this moment. This availability is an estimation because delivery depends on many factors, including being an availability and live orders for the whole of the world. It only takes some other orders placed at the same time as your order for the availability to be modified (this is just one example).

So, this availability, as it's always been for OVH, is an estimation, taking into account the number of servers racked up at that moment, and the problematic of keeping this availability up to date with live orders throughout the world.

If you really needed the server within a few hours, we understand that it might not useful anymore, so we would be happy to cancel the order and do a full refund to you.

12-12-2013, 09:34
I have just been on the phone to Ovh commercial team the front line support agent just said because i have been with them sometime that i should expect them to have delays with my order sorry but if you say on your website delivery in 120 seconds then it should be especially when i have to pay a setup fee he also said i could cancel the server if I'm not happy i did explain i wanted the server but I'm not happy about the time i'm having to wait this is not a good company image and I'm still waiting for the server.

11-12-2013, 23:42
I would like to keep the server when its placed online But i do feel i should have the installation Fee returned as it states when i made the order that it would be Delivered within 120 seconds on the website.

11-12-2013, 21:43
Hi Myatu,

No i have had my original server with Ovh for around 2-3 years and pay the same way every month the payment has gone through ok and on the order it states everything is fine

11-12-2013, 21:29
Have you ordered before? Maybe they're waiting on some proof of ID, which may cause a bit of a hangup.

11-12-2013, 21:19
Hello Ovh,

I have been with OVH for a number of years Today i ordered another server a SP-64 from Http:// with a setup fee of £84.99
On your website it states delivery within 120 Seconds i ordered this at 11/12/2013 a 16:57:30 with no operating system required in the order but I am still waiting.

Could you tell me how much longer its likely to be?