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Web Hosting Pro - Import own SSL certificates?

23-12-2013, 09:18
Change of plan... The VPS product looks like the way to go.

20-12-2013, 10:26
I'd like to host several small hobby websites cheaply, so I'm looking at OVH's new "Web Hosting Pro" offer at 4.69+VAT per month.

Q1. Is it possible - without paying extra fees - to serve websites over HTTPS by importing my own external SSL certificates? 100% browser recognition isn't necessary (I only need HTTPS for the CMS authentication), so it's fine if all the websites use an IP address that's shared with lots of other customers.

Q2. Does the SSH access give me an interactive login shell, so that (for example) I can debug PHP scripts, and use "chmod" to fix permissions if I mess them up?

Thanks in advance,

- Martin.