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New web hosting offers

20-12-2013, 10:08

It's our pleasure to officially announce the new Web Hosting 2014 offers. A little marketing doesn't hurt. We targeted 2 types of customers:

- firstly customers looking for a price of 21/year, enabling startup with a web hosting package, email and domain name. These are shared
resources meaning mutualised. The Personal offer can be shared on 5 sites and thus further decreases the hosting unit price.

- then, the Performance offer enables you to have guaranteed resources for your website. If you have a large website with many visits per hour,
you're no longer obliged to switch onto a VPS or a dedicated server. You can stay on the same hosting system and manage the resources you need to host your site.

To meet the two opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of requirements, (we're talking about one side starting at 1.69/month and
and up to 150/month on the other), we had to re-examine the platform to enable guaranteed resource management for each customer.

We also worked on pure performance to optimise the compilation of PHP pages. We have very good results with the internal load balancing
system and the PHP-FPM.

Web Hosting 2014 also includes the 3 PoP CDN as standard and the 17 PoP CDN as an option, or it's included with the Performance offer. This is our own CDN platform which we deployed 18 months ago and that we have since managed for multiple sites. According to Cedexis, which will publish the results soon, our CDN is the most powerful in Europe and very well placed in the USA.

Find out more:

Other works will follow, especially on storage, on other programming languages, MongoDB, Hadoop, Redis, Memcache, etc. We're moving closer and closer towards a true PaaS platform.