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Any web 2.0 server monitor (real time) web based?

30-12-2013, 16:14
I use nagios, easy to use and plenty of online guides

30-12-2013, 14:06
Nagios all the way for me, I even have it using curl to check balances of certain accounts and get email warning and then critical alerts by phone

29-12-2013, 17:34
I've been using Zabbix for ages.

28-12-2013, 19:40
I used this one:

It is quite alright

28-12-2013, 09:33
I use PRTG, not cheap but there is a free version for small networks. Best monitor in my opinion.


28-12-2013, 00:32
Trying to find a web based server health / monitor, I;have munin installed with the web interface by it looks very outdated.

- Open source? if possible
- Web 2.0 / Modern
- Ajax if possible / Real time
- Easy to install / Minimal services to install

I've gone through pretty much everything mentioned in this thread:

But nothing! You'd think by now someone would have created a good alternative to Munin!